About Us



Rovin Co., Ltd. is the pioneer company in product lines that extracted from natural seaweed in Vietnam. Rovin Co., Ltd. provides qualified and convenience products for domestic and international consumers, including premium products such as Jelly Powder and Agar-Agar Powder, Agar-Agar Strips, Carrageenan Powder, which are served for the needs of food, medicine, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, etc.

Over many years of developing, Rovin brand is the top choice of consumers for pure product line to make Jelly. Health and benefits of consumers are always our objectives. We constantly develop and launch the product lines including qualified seaweed strips as well as powder in order to meet demands of all customers. Products of Rovin are not only favored by customers but also reputable and sustainable quality in the market.

Selection of seaweed in Vietnam

With convenient location in the natural seaweed material stretches along the coast according to Vietnam, distributed in several provinces. All lots of seaweed grown ingredients from nature are examined and handled impurities before being put into use.

Natural Environment Conservation

Rovin commitment seaweed extraction from natural maturity not break the aquatic environment, contributing to environmental conservation natural, sea farmers always have a stable source of income.


Halal products Certification for the products of Rovin is confirmed there is no Haram ingredients and ensure purity in the production process, increase customer trust in the Islamic market.

The Extraction Process

Natural seaweedresources are extracted technology with steam extraction, separation of pressure filtration, drying room drying launched initiative to powder, seaweed fiber clean, quality, ensure food safety and environmental protection.