During Lunar New year free, you can go to the kitchen with strange Agar jam below, it’s very easy to do that can be used dragging on year round because this is only Agar jam not make concentrates sugar, beautiful color but not too sweet.


Materials :

  • 1 Hoang Yen Agar Powder 25g
  • 1liter water
  • 400gr refined sugar or sugar candy
  • Siro powder strawberry flavor,orange,grapes ( can use food coloring or color natural extracts from juice magenta plant, juice pandan or water beet… )



  • 1 liter of water divided into 3 parts, each section with 1/3 siro packet to dissolve siro ( can use 3 smell siro different, but each smell should only use 1/3 packet because siro have taste pretty sour so if you use out of packet then increased sugar up )
  • Then jelly divided into 3 parts, each section jelly powder put into siro water above, stir well until jelly melts.
  • Put the pot on a stove jelly, wait the mixture boil then put sugar in,stir to sugar melts and the mixture boil about 10 minutes then turn off stove, and fish froth out.
  • Wait jelly to cool then pour into shape rectangle or tray.
  • After jelly to cool, use serrated knife cut the jelly into long fibers
  • Countinue do the same with 2 part the jelly other.
  • Dispose jelly on a baking tray,lined paper silver in under, then put in microwave drying at temperatures 100 oC  do not close microwave, until completely dry jelly.
  • However watch microwave, if temperatures of microwave too hot will make melt jelly.
  • In addition, maybe use jelly stray into microwave no lighters about 3-4 days to dry jelly and flow sugar out. Or maybe use a food dryer for drying jelly, or maybe dry jelly into the sun in 2-3 days.
  • After completely dry jelly, maybe wrapped in cling film or rolling through the sugar thin that can be used.

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