Refreshing jelly with textured natural scenery also the way encourages eating for family on the day frist year.


Materials :

  • 1 Hoang Yen Agar- Agar Powder
  • 2 litres water
  • 500g Flaked coconut white or 1 can water coconut
  • 1 bunch pandan, 1 pinch magenta plant
  • 300g sugar


Step 1 :

How to cook water magenta plant : Magenta plant wash, then put all of magenta plant into the pot,

How to cook water pandan : Pandan store bought, wash each leaf, chopped small. Choose leaf old and darker then the color will more beautiful. Put leaf into blender with the amount of water bare to the machine running. Then removed the flesh,part juice to the bowl, put in the fridge fo several hours, remove part water above, just use part green below.

Coconut : put coconut and little water in blender, pureed, then remove the flesh, part juice to sink in blender for several hours,remove part scum above, remove part stagnate water below.


Step 2 :

Put 2 litres water in pot, cut down about 300ml water in the cup. Mix 25g Hoang Yen Agar Powder in the cup water to separate to bloom entirely jelly.Part other water boil on the stove, until when boiling water, put part jelly had bloom, stir the melted jelly. Wait boiling jelly back, fish out froth, put sugar in. until mixture boiling and clean ( to scoop jelly, watch in bottom spoon not smooth, turn off the stove. Divide jelly into 3 equal parts.


Step 3:

Dissolve each part jelly with coconut, first extract of pandan and magenta plant. Then , to pour jelly in shape rectangle or tray rectangle.


Step 4 :

How to pour jelly : Pour 1 layer of coconut jelly, scoop 1-2 shovel jelly color to superimpose parts coconut jelly, create random rippling streaks, making continued until full mold.


Step 5:

Preservation in refrigerator, when eating serated knife cut into pieces the size of a flag is to be square.

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