This is gruel pretty new and recent popular in the hot sun. Main ingredient of gruel that is jelly milk cream to combine with summer fruits, add roasted almonds trash up on face. This is refreshment attractive and nutrition for hot days.

Materials :

  • 500ml milk not sugar
  • 500ml whipping cream
  • 5g Hoang Yen Jelly powder
  • 50g sugar
  • Taste for Khuc Bach maybe use more : 2 piece cheese, or 10gr green tea or 10gr cacao…
  • Litchi box,peach box,strawberry or kiwi
  • 50gr almond slices


  • Step 1 : Put whipping cream, milk in pot heat the mixture to boiling.
  • Step 2 : Mix Hoang Yen Jelly powder with sugar. When the mixture milk and whipping cream to boil, put mixture Jelly powder and sugar in stir then turn off stove. Maybe used ½ café spoon of almond essence (freely)
  • Step 3 : Wait mixture to cool then pour in shape , and wait for it to cool.

Note :If you want to add taste for Khuc Bach maybe stir to dissolve green tea/ ca cao with little warm water for disolves evenly then put in Khuc Bach pot after turn off stove. If you want to add more cheese then save 1 little milk keep aside, to mix with cheese really soft and smooth, put this cheese in pot after turn off stove. Filter mixture after pour in shape.

  • Step 4 : Khuc Bach closed then taken out of the mold, cut into small pieces shaped pawns or maybe use cutter cut into the heart-shaped stars.
  • Step 5 : Almond teeth until turn yellow by non-stick pans. Fresh fruits washed, cut small pieces to taste.
  • Step 6 : Present : Put small stones on the cup, put litchi box, or peach box next to Khuc Bach, fruit, put little water of litchi box into the cup, sprinkle almonds was roasted on top, Serve chilled.

Note : you can cook syrup for gruel by : 500ml water, 150-200g sugar, boil to dissolve sugar,next put the water of litchi box. After turn off stove add on 1teaspoon almond extract.Can be used to cool.

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